01 DecFun Ladies Fashion Apparel For The Spring

The 2012 spring season promises to be a fun time in fashion apparel as runways show a variety of clothing and accessories for the season. Whatever your personal style, there promises to be fun ladies fashion apparel for you to incorporate into your work wardrobe, date night outfits or casual wear. As you plan your purchases for the season, consider adding some of these fun and unique fashion apparel designs into your spring wardrobe.

Neon Colors

Neon colors are showing up everywhere, from the color blocking on dresses to the trim on your shoes. Turn your “wow” factor up a few notches by incorporating neon colors into your spring wardrobe. Be careful to not go overboard with neon colors. Pair a neon-colored dress, top or skirt with accessories in lighter colors so you don’t end up looking overpowering. Neon colors will be welcome after the grayness of spring; add a few neon pieces to your spring fashion apparel.

Tribal Prints

Jungle and animal prints are back this spring and you’ll find them everywhere. A jungle print dress can be dressed down with a slouchy pair of boots or dressed up with an elegant silk scarf and pair of patent leather heels. Make your accessory wardrobe a little more fun, too, by adding some shoes or scarves in animal prints. If you’re in the market for a new handbag, add one with animal print trim.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are the perfect piece of fashion apparel to take you through spring and into summer. Because they have less coverage, ankle boots can be worn during a wide range of weather conditions. This season, the runways are boasting a variety of ankle boots featuring spiked heels, wedges and flats. Dress up an outfit with a pair of couture leather ankle boots or pair your new maxi skirt with slouchy ankle boots for a date night.

Unique, Funky Accessories

When you’re on a budget and adding to your wardrobe is out of the question, you can alter your existing fashion apparel with the addition of some fun and funky accessories. This spring introduces floral print scarves and brightly colored jewelry as some of the fun accessories. You can liven up a tired wardrobe with the simple addition of a bright-colored scarf or bold piece of jewelry.

Pair it With a Classic

A timeless classic wardrobe piece never goes out of style, regardless of what other fashions come and go. Add a classic shirtdress or trench coat to your spring attire this season and you’ll be sure to wear it for seasons to come. If you choose a muted color you can add some of the season’s colorful accessories to dress it up or play it down.

The fashion apparel you incorporate into your every day wear should reflect your personality and make getting dressed in the morning a fun and enjoyable experience. Although some occasions call for a more subdued, classic look, you can still incorporate fun fashion apparel and accessories into your spring wardrobe to give yourself a signature look that says “fun, stylish and beautiful”.

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